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the motion of a spinning body (as a top) in which it wobbles so that the axis of rotation sweeps out a cone

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the act of preceding in time or order or rank (as in a ceremony)

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Improving contrast to noise ratio of resonance frequency contrast images (phase images) using balanced steady-state free precession.
due to centrifugal force when the rotation is fast) would soon decay even if free precession is once excited by some perturbation.
Application of missing pulse steady state free precession to the study of renal microcirculation.
18] Haacke EM, Wielopolski PA, Tkach JA, Modic MT Steady-state free precession imaging in the presence of motion: application for improved visualization of the cerebrospinal fluid.
The free precession is detected with a resonant pickup coil, connected to a dual-phase lock-in amplifier.
This two-day class covers Time-SLIP imaging, FASE - Black Blood Imaging, Steady State Free Precession, Contrast Improved Angiography and Fresh Blood Imaging.
Normal serous pericardial fluid will demonstrate high signal intensity on cine steady state free precession (SSFP) sequences.
With its powerful gradient technology and open design, the Ultra offers clinical capabilities comparable to a high-field MRI system to offer procedures such as True Steady-State Free Precession (SSFP) and Super Fast Advanced Spin Echo (FASE), while accommodating both large and claustrophobic patients.
One is gradient echo imaging with balanced steady state preservation of residual transverse magnetization (steady state free precession, SSFP).