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Synonyms for capitalism

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He established an export-based,, free enterprise economy with weak labor unions and substantially privatized education.
The country has a long-established free enterprise economy, and political and economic stability.
The country has a long-established free enterprise economy and political and economic stability.
"Each night, as I conclude my nightly broadcast on CNN, I have the gut-sick feeling that we have chronicled another twenty-four hours in the decline of our great democratic republic and the bankrupting of our free enterprise economy."
Following the "Thatcher Revolution", with its commitment to the free enterprise economy, the 1980s ushered in the ICT Revolution.
"We expect a free enterprise economy to underinvest in invention and research (as compared with an ideal)," he wrote, "because it is risky, because the product can be appropriated only to a limited extent, and because of increasing returns in use."
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