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Synonyms for elective

not compulsory or automatic

Synonyms for elective

a course that the student can select from among alternatives

subject to popular election

not compulsory

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Whereas the current lyceum system offers free electives, chosen by the students, the state is planning on returning to the old system, whereby students will effectively enrol in a course stream, with subjects allocated according to the theme.
To promote lateral movement within the various engineering disciplines, students may choose free electives quite liberally since most disciplines possess similar pre-requisite courses.
First year (adopted, starting 1992-1993) Calculus (x 2) Algebra Computing Physical chemistry Process engineering Electricity Mechanics Social impact of technology Nontechnical elective Second year Mathematics (x 2) Applied chemistry(a) (x 3) Thermodynamics and kinetics Transport phenomena(b) (x 2) Nontechnical elective (x 2) Third year Mathematics(c) (x 2) Thermodynamics and kinetics (X2) Transport phenomena Separation processes Chemical reactors Economics TBA 1 (Materials?) TBA 2 (Biology?) Fourth year Plant design (x 2) Thesis (X2) Public speaking & professional responsibility Technical electives (x 3) Free electives (x 2) (a) includes inorganic, analytical, organic and physical chemistry; (b) includes process calculations; (c) includes process control.