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Synonyms for city-state

a state consisting of a sovereign city

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In beleaguered Honduras, a version of the free cities idea has been percolating for more than a decade in the mind of 37-year-old Octavio Sanchez, currently the chief of staff to President Porfirio Lobo.
From the beginning, there were conflicts of visions between Romer, the Honduran government, and the libertarian activists and theorists attracted to the free cities model.
Worse, contends Michael Strong, a major player in the free cities movement, Romer's vision was impractical and relied too much on a sort of pre-central planning of how the zones would function, not allowing for the organic growth Strong prefers.
The EU's Euro 1 million allocation to the campaign was divided between four partners: the French and Italian Environment Agencies and the Car Free Cities and Energie-Cites (Besancon, France) local authority networks.
Coming just a few days after the joint meeting of EU Transport and Environment Ministers to discuss strategies for cutting C02 emissions in the transport sector and just as the UK Government is preparing to launch a White Paper on Integrated Transport, Car Free Cities - Network for a new mobility culture, this major event will address the urgent need to reduce urban traffic in European cities.
UAF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Iqbal Randhawa and Deputy Director General Health NHSRC Dr Minhajus Siraj signed the MoU on behalf of their institutes to control the smoking under Tobacco Smoke Free Cities Project.
The project would be extended with an aim to make Drug Free Cities, as a step forward to achieve the ultimate goal of Drug Free Pakistan, as set forth in the National Anti Narcotics Policy 2010.