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a town in northeastern Virginia on the Rappahannock River

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population grows, Hellman expects the already trendy urban farming and small-acreage production movements will take off in areas like San Antonio and Austin, which are within commuting distance to the Fredricksburg campus where he is based.
War Is So Terrible" Longstreet and Lee, December 13, 1862 the Confederate victory at Fredricksburg was the site of Lee's famous, "It is well that war is so terrible--we should grow to fond of it;
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-September 9, 2011-AT&T expands mobile broadband coverage in Meadville and Fredricksburg with new cell site(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The pleadings of state and local leaders and devastating losses at the Battle of Fredricksburg in one single day of fighting combined to produce a general demand for conscription, not only in New York, but also among political leaders in Washington.
"You can't be an effective physician executive without a firm footing in the clinical world and the world of hospital administration," according to Jamie Grebosky, MD, MS, hired in July 2008, as senior medical director at MediCorp Health System in Fredricksburg, Virginia.
Abbott survived Fredricksburg, but "his second lieutenant was
In the fall of 1808, however, the records show that James and Simon dissolved their shipping partnership (15) and James sold his land and mills in Fredricksburg. (16) While it is not known to what extent the two men remained involved in business, it is clear that James' interests were increasingly focused on political and civic areas.
The other could either be a speech Taylor delivered at a dinner in Fredricksburg on his way back from Richmond--where according to a biographer the president used the "opportunity to caution the southern firebrands against secession" (Bauer 1985, 268)--or a speech in Baltimore in October 1849, in which "he spoke a few impromptu but very eloquent words" at a banquet in his honor (Bauer 1985, 271).
The stores serve Fredricksburg, Manassas, Dale City, Herndon, Fairfax and Leesburg, Va.; Gaithersburg, Md.; and other locations in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area
Fredricksburg, Va., resident Joel Esslinger has been renting from the Vault for years, and doesn't plan to stop anytime soon.
There are two things to take from this race: the winner beat nowt and is worth opposing against stiffer opposition, and the well-backed second favourite Fredricksburg has had enough chances, and looks one to swerve on this evidence.
During his career he has lived and worked in a variety of locales--including Virginia Beach, Fredricksburg, Richmond and Centerville, Va.; Harrisburg, Pa.; and Woonsocket and Warwick, R.I.--but he says it was not until the last stop that he finally felt he was in the right place.
At the Cluny, Erin McKeown, from Fredricksburg, Virginia, makes another visit to the Jumpin' Hot Club.
A Virginia judge ruled in December 2002 that the Fredricksburg City Council violated the state's open meetings law by selecting a library commission appointee via e-mail.
Chancellorsville was a Southern victory on the battlefield, but its effect may have been nullified by the death of the legendary Confederate General Stonewall Jackson, who was killed by "friendly fire." The estimated effect for Fredricksburg, Chickamauga, and the last leg of Sherman's March are statistically insignificant.