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English biochemist who determined the sequence of amino acids in insulin and who invented a technique to determine the genetic sequence of an organism (born in 1918)

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But Fred Sanger, a Quaker and conscientious objector during World War Two, discovered the dideoxy chain termination method which allowed sequences to be read quickly.
Colin Blakemore, Professor of neuro-science and philosophy at the School of Advanced Study in London and former chief executive of the Medical Research Council, said, "The death of a great person usually provokes hyperbole, but it is impossible to exaggerate the impact of Fred Sanger's work on modern biomedical science.
Other notable people and organizations include the papers of Fred Sanger, Arthur Ernest Mourant, the Medical Research Council Blood Group, and Honor Fell.
Fred Sanger in England invented one method, and I invented another with my collaborator, Allan Maxam.
There were methods for sequencing RNA that had been worked out largely by Fred Sanger and some others.