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an English astrophysicist and advocate of the steady state theory of cosmology

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" Miracles, he says, "call attention toGod, are events that may only be attributed to divine origin or intervention, and are rationally unexplainable by probability or natural sciences." One particular event that has all the qualifications of a miracle, and is easily acknowledged as having occurred, writes Sir Fred Hoyle, is the beginning of the universe.
Fred Hoyle, whom Gingerich treats as his third scientist, is widely known to physicists and cosmologists, but often unknown to the general public.
The most-watched broadcast was a debate on the origin of the Universe between Gamow (evolutionary/big bang) and Gold (steady state, the concept he co-authored with Hermann Bondi and Fred Hoyle), chaired by Butler.'
Lord Kelvin (the age of the Earth), astronomer Fred Hoyle (the expansion of the universe), Linus Pauling (the nature of the DNA helix), and Albert Einstein (the cosmological constant) are here as well, all testament to the rewards of perseverance and the scientific method as Livio attempts "to correct the impression scientific breakthroughs are purely success stories."
Countless scientists have made major mistakes over the centuries, but Livio wisely focuses on gaffes from just five great minds: Pauling, Darwin, Einstein, astrophysicist Fred Hoyle and William Thomson, also known as Lord Kelvin.
The professor, an expert on interstellar dust, spent decades working with Sir Fred Hoyle - a British astronomer and mathematician who was well known for rejecting the Big Bang theory.
Holt quotes cosmologist Fred Hoyle, the man who coined the phrase "the Big Bang," as finding the whole idea undignified, like "a party girl jumping out of a cake."
Domb, in conjunction with Hermann Bondi, Tommy Gold, and other scientists led by Sir Fred Hoyle, enabled the British radar system to detect the altitude of enemy planes.
This has been postulated by Fred Hoyle.4 The intergalactic magnetic field is involved in the formation of star systems.
I listened to an astrophysics speech by Dr Carolin Crawford about Fred Hoyle's discoveries.
A different theory about life's coming from outer space was published in the same year as Francis Crick's book, 1981, by the astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle. In his book, Evolution from Space, Hoyle took up the idea that life permeates outer space.
In 1957 he and his wife were co-authors, together with Fred Hoyle and William Fowler, a noted nuclear physicist, of a famous work on stellar nucleosynthesis.
The scientists named these new species as Janibacter hoylei, after the distinguished Astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, the second as Bacillus isronensis recognising the contribution of ISRO in the balloon experiments which led to its discovery and the third as Bacillus aryabhata after India's celebrated ancient astronomer Aryabhata.(ANI)
Let's just say you'll encounter some familiar faces from the last two centuries: Percival Lowell, Albert Einstein, Edwin Hubble, Fred Hoyle, and Frank Drake, to name a few.
He has since helped to found one of the top astronomy departments in Britain and has published more than 25 books on the subject, in collaboration with the late Sir Fred Hoyle.