Fraxinus ornus

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southern Mediterranean ash having fragrant white flowers in dense panicles and yielding manna

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In Mount Paggeo these formations are dominated by Quercus coccifera as well as other trees and bush elements such as Acer monspessulanum, Carpinus orientalis, Fraxinus ornus, Juniperus oxycedrus, Ostrya carpinifolia, Paliurus spinachristi, Phillyrea latifolia, Pistacia terebinthus and Rhamnus alaternus, growing usually in dry and poor soils at low elevations.
Relatives of the common ash include Fraxinus ornus from Southern Europe and western Asia, and American white ash, Fraxinus americana, which grows in a range from Nova Scotia to Minnesota and south to Texas and Florida.
In many releves Fraxinus ornus is present in many releves, making these alder groves different from those in the Lima Valley (Arrigoni & Papini, 2003) at higher elevations (900-1200 m) where Fraxinus excelsior is found.
1 1 1 longifolia G Arisarum vulgare + + + 1 G Allium subhirsutum 1 + 1 1 NP Smilax aspera 2 3 2 G Tamus communis 1 1 1 NP Euphorbia characias P Rhamnus alaternus 1 1 2 NP Osyris alba 1 NP Rosa sempervirens P Fraxinus ornus P Quercus virgiliana H Carex distachya P Celtis australis P Chamaerops humilis G Ruscus aculeatus H Asplenium onopteris P Quercus ilex P Viburnum tinus P Rhamnus oleoides + Trasgressives of Salici-Populetea G Arum italicum 1 1 1 1 P Ficus carica var.
for subalpine grasslands and shrublands and Carpinus orientalis, Ostrya carpinifolia, Fraxinus ornus, Quercus cerris and Quercus frainetto for hilly and submontane woodlands.
Compared to the Quercus ilex woodlands which may be found in the rest of Peninsular Italy and in the hilly and mountainous sectors of the Apulia region (Murge plateau, Gargano promontory) the woodlands of the study area are characterised by a complete dominance of sclerophyllic component and by the absence of thermophilous deciduous trees such as Carpinus orientalis, Acer monspessulanum, Fraxinus ornus, Acer campestre, Ostrya carpinifolia etc.