Fraxinus nigra

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vigorous spreading North American tree having dark brown heavy wood

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x x Fraxinus nigra Marshall x x Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marshall x x var.
Fraxinus nigra was common in many parts of the terrace, being particularly abundant in and at the edges of the shaded seeps.
6 Fraxinus nigra -- -- -- Alliaria petiolata -- -- -- Smilax tamnoides -- -- -- Antenoron virginianum -- -- -- Acer negundo -- -- -- Thelypteris palustris -- -- -- Celastrus scandens -- -- -- Totals 153.
On Lake Duparquet floodplains Fraxinus nigra forms pure stands (Tardif and Bergeron 1992) and composes the "climax" species of this boreal habitat (Sims et al.
Fraxinus nigra, Ulmus, and Alnus rugosa probably occurred in wet areas.
2 Fraxinus nigra Fraxinus quadrangulata Gleditsia triacanthos 3.
Fraxinus americana, Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Fraxinus nigra of the Family Oleaceae
In addition to white ash or American ash, the other native ashes of importance are Fraxinus pennsylvanica, or green ash, and Fraxinus nigra, which is called black ash and brown ash.