Franz Joseph Haydn

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prolific Austrian composer who influenced the classical form of the symphony (1732-1809)

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A doscientos anos de su deceso, y a casi doscientos ochenta de su nacimiento, la figura de Franz Joseph Haydn se yergue como la de uno de los musicos y compositores esenciales del periodo clasico, imprescindible tanto en la evolucion del quehacer euterpeano de la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII como en la formacion de otros autores de vital trascendencia.
In celebration of Franz Joseph Haydn and Felix Mendelssohn's musical contributions during their lifetimes, guest conductor Predrag Gosta will lead the National Philharmonic Chorale in a performance of Haydn's Lord Nelson Mass and Mendelssohn's grand Symphony No.
Insanae et vane curae (Insane and idle cares) is a turbulent, sacred chorus written in 1797 by Franz Joseph Haydn and will be performed by the choir and orchestra.
Just as Franz Joseph Haydn was about to lay the foundations for the symphony and string quartet, younger brother Johann Michael was embarking on a prolific career in sacred music.
Also on this day: 1809: Austrian composer Franz Joseph Haydn died in Vienna; 1910: Lord Baden-Powell's sister, Agnes, announced the formation of the Girl Guides; 1916: The Battle of Jutland was fought in the North Sea; 1927: The last 'Tin Lizzie' car came off the production line almost unchanged since it was introduced as the Model T Ford in 1908.
At one time mistakenly attributed to Franz Joseph Haydn, the symphonic work by Leopold Mozart features the orchestra's string section and an odd, cacophonous mixture of unlikely instruments played by the otherwise idled members of the group.
The two successive heads of the house through most of that century, Prince Pal Antal [Paul Anton] (1711-62) and his brother, Prince Miklos [Nicholaus] "the Magnificent" (1714-90), are remembered outside central Europe nowadays primarily as the patrons of that musical giant the composer Franz Joseph Haydn.
When Count Razumovsky tried to hire Franz Joseph Haydn for his Ukrainian estate, he was consciously imitating the composer's Hungarian patron Prince Esterhazy, at whose great estate Haydn had spent many years.
Tenchita will perform piano works from composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph Haydn, Felix Mendelssohn, and Ludwig van Beethoven with proceeds from the concert assisting her continuing education.
50 en do mayor Hob 1:50", del austriaco Franz Joseph Haydn.
She played, sang, and composed at court in Bayreuth and then at Esterhazy, and whs influenced strongly by Franz Joseph Haydn and also, arguably, by the emotional and expressive style of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
BOLTON - The Bolton Philharmonic will present a spring concert Sunday, celebrating the music and life of composer Franz Joseph Haydn.