Franz Joseph Haydn

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prolific Austrian composer who influenced the classical form of the symphony (1732-1809)

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The first is the Oregon Bach Festival's "Chamber Orchestra - Lord Nelson Mass" by Franz Joseph Haydn, on the program at 7:30 p.
She played, sang, and composed at court in Bayreuth and then at Esterhazy, and whs influenced strongly by Franz Joseph Haydn and also, arguably, by the emotional and expressive style of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
BOLTON - The Bolton Philharmonic will present a spring concert Sunday, celebrating the music and life of composer Franz Joseph Haydn.
The term "hurly-burly," for example, appears in "Sailor's Song" by Franz Joseph Haydn.
of Minnesota) describes Bridgetower's musical training and performances, as well as his relationship with such figures as Franz Joseph Haydn and Ludwig Beethoven, after first situating his life in the context of the changing images of blacks in 18th century Europe.
94, the Surprise Franz Joseph Haydn - Movement 2, Theme and Variations (1732-1809) Symphony No.
1809: Franz Joseph Haydn, great Austrian composer, died in Vienna.
Building upon one of the best-selling Baby Einstein books, "See and Spy Counting," Numbers Nursery is set to a backdrop of timeless classics from celebrated composers including Frederic Chopin, Franz Joseph Haydn and Johann Strauss, and includes a collection of poems about the numbers one through five written and recited by the company's founder Julie Aigner-Clark.