Benjamin Franklin

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printer whose success as an author led him to take up politics


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FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN Man of Many Talents (poster), 031 Talk With Ben Franklin, Ja9-5
The most notable works by Blacks include histories by George Washington Williams, John Hope Franklin, Benjamin Quarles, C.
New Hampshire Bartlett, Josiah Thornton, Matthew Whipple, William New Jersey Clark, Abraham Hart, John Hopkinson, Francis Stockton, Richard Witherspoon, John New York Floyd, William Lewis, Francis Livingston, Philip Morris, Lewis North Carolina Hewes, Joseph Hooper, William Penn, John Pennsylvania Clymer, George Franklin, Benjamin Morris, Robert Morton, John Ross, George Rush, Benjamin Smith, James Taylor, George Wilson, James Rhode Island Ellery, William Hopkins, Stephen South Carolina Heyward, Thomas, Jr.
Poor Richard An unschooled but experienced homespun philosopher, a character created by Franklin, Benjamin.
Owners: Terry Williams, Ernest Franklin, Benjamin Franklin, Walter Kendrick
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