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a sharpshooter (in the French army)

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(20) The atrocities German forces, imbued with a fear of francs-tireurs that amounted to paranoia, committed in Belgium and northern France during the first months of World War I, were proof that the punitive approach had become even more significant in military operations on the ground.
But instead of allowing that the Germans might genuinely (if mistakenly) have believed they faced francs-tireurs, they assumed that the Germans cynically pretended to believe in civilian resistance as a cover for ferocious repression.
Langenhove argued that the belief by German soldiers in a war of resistance by civilian francs-tireurs was a collective hallucination, or `cycle of legends'.
In fact what they show is that whether or not civilian resistance occurred, German soldiers believed that they were surrounded by francs-tireurs and a hostile civilian population.
On the night of August 22nd, near intense fighting, the diarist recorded a house on fire `doubtless to betray our position', and the following day, he was convinced that stiff opposition encountered on entering Dinant came from francs-tireurs, 150 to 200 of whom were captured and executed.
A medical officer in a Wurttemburg regiment, Professor von Pezold, described how the funeral salvo for a German soldier provoked wild firing from other troops at francs-tireurs, before the mistake was discovered.
The German army believed it had faced real francs-tireurs. Allied governments maintained that civilian resistance of the kind alleged by the Germans, though it would have been permissible under the Hague Convention, had not occurred.
Whether legal or not, the existence of real francs-tireurs would explain German `reprisals'.
Les 42 autres victimes civiles auraient ete tuees par des francs-tireurs ou dans des bombardements perpetres par des membres des comites populaires affilies aux Houthis.