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an admirer of France and everything French

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Its politicised francophilia and bold promotion of chivalry in the service of France place this particular prose romance at a far remove from the conservative medievalism that Fay identifies in Reeve and Scott, and opens up the possibilities (taken up by Radcliffe, and later Mary Shelley) for a more subversive use of chivalry.
Like Junger, Schlondorff has epitomized both national pride and Francophilia.
And that is probably what was expected by Juan Ruiz's possible courtly public (if there was one) in the rich context of literary francophilia generated by the court of Leonor de Guzman against the Galician-Portuguese models of Maria of Portugal's court.
Brookhiser does offer sotto voce his view of the matter: Madison was an engaged politician who changed his mind about some things as circumstances changed, and he stayed true to other commitments for example, religious liberty and Francophilia.
The following articles point to a series of key-categories accounting for the Romanian cultural identity : landmarks (such as francophilia, the picturesque) or historical turning points (Ceausescu's national communism and the post-communist age).
apartment in Paris, his years of Francophilia, his even longer years of
PriceMars wrote against the social evolutionist racism of the likes of Gustave le Bon, and against the Francophilia of the Haitian elite, whose "Collective Bovaryism" trying to be what they are not, he decried in the face of the long US occupation of Haiti (1915-1934).
In England, a similar Francophilia could be seen as the English indulged their hankering for all things French, including French novels and French luxury goods, such as wines, silks, flowers, textiles, and objects d'art.
She inspired kinship by writing with fortitude, pluck and only a trace of decorum, ranging on topics from her kids to Francophilia, New Orleans, her low opinion of Republicans ("three-inchers," she called them) and--no other phrase fits--general joie de vivre.
But that is a mere sub-plot to the Shakespearean tragedy of John Terry and Wayne Bridge, the former best friends who have fallen out over a mutual interest in Francophilia.
Sarmiento makes much of the fact that the Rosas regime despises all things European, rendering the aims of his overt Francophilia rather obvious.
of Missouri-Kansas City) considers the full range of Friml's work and places it within the period's theatrical and cinematic contexts, reviving his subject's significant contributions to the Indianist movement, Francophilia, Orientalism, and romantic nostalgia.
The plays show Karl Lessing to have been a competent if not outstanding practitioner of the standard repertoire of mid-eighteenth-century comedy: lovers united after tiffs and/or the obstruction of hostile or greedy parents or guardians, busy and resourceful servants, financial worries, mistaken identities, complicated plots resolved often at the very last minute, and satire on perennial or perhaps specifically contemporary follies and foibles--pedantry, physiognomy, lottery addiction (to which Karl's elder brother was of course prone), Francophilia, and the affectation of aristocratic manners.