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an American who was born in France or whose ancestors were French

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A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Al Huda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) and Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance (FIF) to cooperate in the development of Islamic banking and finance in France and the United States.
Motivated by a 1979 encounter, a 2003 Monde Diplomatique article, and a 2004 television panel asserting a heroic Gaullist prevention of Allied military occupation (AMGOT) of liberated France, the author of this elegantly written book explores an important aspect of the complex Franco-American relationship during World War II.
She divides Johnson's work into southern California novels, northern California novels, the Franco-American trilogy, travel novels, and critical works.
It began in 1906 with the main objective of helping Franco-American mill workers in Manchester.
The move comes after the Franco-American group warned recently it would miss its 2012 profit margin target and announced a second-quarter adjusted operating loss of 40 million euros.
The French Senate voted to relocate the mini-me version of the larger US sculpture from the Luxembourg Gardens after the Orsay museum of 19th century art lobbied for decades to inherit the piece symbolizing Franco-American friendship.
Grief makes a Franco-American man do strange things in "Maddened by His Absence," the initially intriguing feature fiction debut of Gallic actress-turned-helmer Sandrine Bounaire.
French designer Philippe Starck and Franco-American scientist David Edwards say the advantage is to enjoy the drunk sensation with none of the harmful effects of alcohol on the body.
12, 1912, as a cooperative credit society designed to encourage frugality and economic self-sufficiency among Lowell's Franco-American population.
In doing so, Reyn challenges previous assertions that tend to blame American policy makers for the breakdown in Franco-American relations during the 1960s.
The second and third editions were published by the press of a Franco-American newspaper, La Sentinelle, of Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in the spring of 1926.
There are also his writings about the Poussin Affair of 1849 (when Franco-American relations were in crisis) and his views of Thomas Sedgwick's A Treatise on the Rules .
Safe to say, GI Joe won't be healing any rifts in Franco-American relations, especially when the team is far more successful protecting targets on US soil.
THE colossal statue of Liberty intended to serve as a lighthouse at the entrance of New York harbour was today formally handed over by the Franco-American Union to Mr Morton, the United States Minister for France.
FRANCE has been heavily criticised for its Franco-American focus for the 65th anniversary, overshadowing the important role played by British and Canadian forces.