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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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Sam told Liz that Franco missed their wedding because he was busy seeking out Jim in order to threaten him to remain quiet about Franco's childhood.
Franco's attorney told The Times the account of Franco removing the protective guards was "not accurate," and pointed to Tither-Kaplan's positive social media comments about her experience on the set.
His grandmothers on both sides of the family, Beatrice Castillo Laurel and Amelia Locsin Reyes, loved to sing; and Franco's mother, Felicia Reyes Laurel, is a Bayanihan alumna.
The crafting of Franco's image rose to its height during the Spanish Civil War and its immediate aftermath, following his 1936 installation as Nationalist dictator, with the accomplishments of the military rebellion increasingly portrayed as the achievements of one man.
Restaurant owner Ben Franco with some of the burgers prepared by Farnley Tyas First School children, from left, Thalia Buckle, Oliver |Mitchell, Fenella Sharp and Freddy Franco in the kitchen at Franco's in Almondbury 051015AFARN_08 ANDY CATCHPOOL
This does not happen in any other democratic country in the world," added Silva, whose grandfather was shot by Franco's forces in 1936 near Leon in northwestern Spain.
The ones that made the cut are as diverse as Franco's career, with two fact-based, but wildly different dramas about slippery identities, "True Story'' and "I am Michael,'' and one, "Yosemite,'' that's based on his short stories and at least partially informed by his own Palo Alto childhood.
Franco's name was put forward to the Embassy in London as a replacement for the then Vice Consul, who had died He became Italian Vice-Consul of Birmingham in 1967 and was awarded the Cavaliere Commendatore soon after.
JAMES Franco's former manager is being sued for allegedly stealing from the actor for eight years.
Franco's granddaughter Katie Stewart, a nurse, revealed the identity of the couple after seeing an article about the love note and flowers on Facebook.
Franco's intimate knowledge of the superhero pantheon almost makes him a personal friend to true superheroes such as Batwoman, The Thing and Captain Marvel.
If you haven't heard of James Franco's hot younger brother Dave Franco, then you are wasting your life.
The film leaves its audience to wonder which part of the movie about the movie footage that does not exist is really real, and how much is Franco's attempt to confront us with our own fascination about what lies on the other side of taboo.
RENAMED Franco's, what was formerly known as Bar Italia is a gem of a place, perfect for memorable Christmas parties based around the finest Italian cuisine.
He told me that Hitler's main request--put in terms of repayment for all the help he had provided for Franco's side in the Civil War--was to allow German troops to pass through Spain to attack and seize Gibraltar.