Francis turbine

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a type of hydroelectric turbine

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Liu, "Study on hydraulic stability of francis turbine of Three Gorges Power Station," Yangtze River, vol.
Invitation to tender: Revision Francis turbine engine 1 and 2 Safien Platz
In April 2017, American Hydro signed a contract with H2O Power to upgrade, rehabilitate, and install two Francis turbine units at their Island Falls Generating Station located on the Abitibi River in Ontario, Canada.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Francis Turbine Test rig,Reciprocating pump test Rig,Kaplan turbine test Rig,Bomb calorimeter,Junkers calorimeter,Pendulum impact testing Machine,Binocular Metallurgical Microscopes ,Disc Polishing Machine,Actual cut sections of IC engines,Multi cylinder four stroke petrol engine to conduct Morse test,Two cylinder four stroke diesel engine coupled to Generator, Major Losses in piping system,Refrigeration tutor,Refrigeration and Air conditioning Tools,Torsion Testing Machine,Slotting machine,Planning Machine
Tenders are invited for Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Transportation, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of 4 x 250 MW Francis Turbine Generator units, complete in all respects along with associated auxiliaries and ancillary equipment and switchyard with all equipment etc.
Tenders are invited for Repair Along With Hp-Hvof Coating Of 39 Nos Damaged Guide Vanes Of130 Mw Francis Turbine For Parbati Iii Power Station
650 on main canal of srlip with francis turbine pumps with synchronous motors including supply, erection, testing and commissioning of electromechanical and hydro mechanical works with allied civil works viz.
Tenders are invited for Repair Of Thrust Bearing Mirror Disc Of 60 Mw Francis Turbine Of Bsps
The power stations are positioned on the right and left banks of the river and comprise16 Francis turbines with a total installed power of 6,000 MW and estimated production of 15,000 GWh per year," the (https://www.
BHEL's scope of work in the project includes supply, erection and commissioning of 6 numbers 68 MW Francis turbines operating at a head of 119 metres with matching synchronous generators of 200 rpm, static excitation system, main inlet valves, digital governors, state-of-the-art control & monitoring system (SCADA), associated station auxiliaries, Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) and electrical & mechanical Balance of Plant (BoP).
It contains nine Francis turbines that are used for the generation of electricity.
It has two Francis turbines of 25 MW capacity each, which drive synchronous generators that inject the energy produced into the national grid.
A total of 15 Francis turbines will be installed to provide power for the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation.
Shafeyee Moqaddam further noted that the Maroon dam's power plant with a capacity of 150 Mega watts of electricity uses two Francis turbines (inward-flow reaction turbine) for power generation and can boost the capacity of the country's national grid by 380 Giga watts per hour.
The nearly half a kilometer long Victoria Dam is playing a significant role on the national grid adding power generated by three 70 MW francis turbines, totalling the installed capacity to 210 MW whilst the reservoir also contains about one third of the 1,200 GigaWatt hour hydro storage of state-run Ceylon Electricity Board.