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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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1m in net proceeds and added that it will close on another sale leaseback transaction next week, related to the sale leaseback of the franchise restaurant it recently bought, which will allow it to pay off all its remaining term debt.
17 company restaurants and 3 franchise restaurants opened and one franchise restaurant was acquired;
17 company and three franchise restaurant openings;
Eleven company restaurants and one franchise restaurant opened, while one franchise restaurant closed;
0 percent for the February period, and comparable sales for domestic franchise restaurants decreased 3.
7 percent for the August period, while comparable sales for domestic franchise restaurants decreased 3.
2 percent, with company and franchise restaurant comparable sales up 1.
9 percent, with franchise restaurant comparable sales up 3.
The combination of CNL, USRP, and the Income Funds will create the nation's largest triple-net lessor to the franchise restaurant industry.
Seventeen company and two franchise restaurants opened; and
In his new role at Del Taco, Barnhart will support franchisee efforts to build and open new restaurants and improve existing franchise restaurants.
0% (company-owned restaurants comparable sales were flat while franchise restaurants reported a decrease of 1.