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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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(15) Dal canto suo, Franchi attribuisce a Marx, Bismark e Guglielmo II lo sfruttamento dell'ideale della fratellanza universale per ingannare gli altri popoli e convincerli a sottomettersi senza combattere:
As they approached, I waited for T.J.'s call with my hand wrapped around the pistol grip of the Franchi.
After Quinlivan gave Shrewsbury the lead for good in the third, Adam Twitchell and Franchi followed with goals, and Quinlivan completed the scoring.
The Supreme Court of New Hampshire noted that its preferred method for determining damages for a partial taking is the before and after method, "whereby the value of the remainder of the tract after taking is deducted from the value of the whole tract before the taking." Further, the court noted that Franchi should have been compensated for not only the fair market value of the taken land, but also for the effect of the taking on the entire property, known as "severance damages." Franchi argued that testimony from the State's expert, a certified commercial property appraiser, should have been excluded.
When I first wrote about Benelli shotguns more than 25 years ago, the maker was in the second rank of Italian manufacturers, well behind Beretta, Bernardelli and Franchi. In the intervening years Benelli, which actually started in the motorcycle industry, was bought by Beretta and to some extent has overshadowed its corporate parent in the semi-auto shotgun market.
Jane Franchi, one of the best female broadcast journalists Scotland has produced, is returning to the airwaves at Christmas with a couple of special radio editions of the quiz show Superscots.
The board of directors will meet on 14 April with the aim to bring the capital raising operation to full completion and will assign the remaining 20,000 shares to reference shareholders Federigo Franchi and Fernando Franchi or to Investment Company La Compagnia della Ruota SpA, which had expressed interest in acquiring at least a 2% stake in CHL.
A final highlight of the DVD is Victor Borge with the late Italian tenor Sergio Franchi (younger clients most likely will need to be told who Franchi is).
Peak said it had entered into a purchase agreement with Wildcat's current owner, Pat Franchi. The deal is pending U.S.
Diego Milito scored the only goal in the second half at Stadio Artemio Franchi as Inter finished the season two points clear of second-placed Roma, who were 2-0 winners at Chievo.
ANSWERING the letter from Mark Franchi (March 1): do you and all your group eat cereals with milk?
Coral are offering 4-5 that at least one of the teams does not score at the Artemio Franchi which looks a solid punting option.
The 19-year-old's stunning display in the Stadio Artemio Franchi has already led to fresh speculation he may move on in January with Manchester United in the hunt for his signature.
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