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a former province of eastern France

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Herve BARGE: Since 2000 there has been a great deal of willingness to modernize the health information system in the Franche-Comte, first on the part of the Agence Regionale de l'Hospitalisation [ARH, regional hospital care agency] and then the Agence Regionale de Sante [ARS, regional health agency].
In his new book, Expansion and Crisis in Louis XIV's France, Darryl Dee sets out to analyze the paradigm and the local experience of absolutism in one case study, the border province of Franche-Comte, from the French conquest in 1674 to the death of the Sun King in 1715.
Once ruled by the Spanish, Franche-Comte has been defended against invaders on numerous occasions so it is no surprise to discover that one of its other principal cities, Belfort, on its northern edge, in the Territore de Belfort, also has a citadel.
Dee (history, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada) has a two-fold purpose in this study of the history of the department of Franche-Comte from its conquest by the French under Louis XIV to the death of that monarch in 1715.
Chandler - Open de Franche-Comte Challenger Tour event (starts today, indoor hard courts, Besancon) - Top half: (1) T Berdych v qualifier, G Muller v W Eschauer, G Galimberti v R Sabau, M Rosset v (7) G Elseneer, (3) N Mahut v N Almagro, F Mayer v (wc) J Jeanpierre, A Peya v (wc) E Roger-Vasselin, J Hernych v (6) M Llodra.
Architecturaly Franche-Comte is not left short with the stunning Medievel castle at Montbeliard open almost every day of the year, the 17th century citadel that stands impossing over the region's capital Besancon, which also houses a small museum and zoo, and the remarkable World Heritage Site of the royal saltworks at Arc et Senans.
Alcatel has deployed an Internet protocol (IP) network covering 47 city-administered sites for Besancon, the capital of France's Franche-Comte region.
Although ghosts such as Leonarde were unusual apparitions, seventeenth-century Dole and the region of which it was the capital, the Franche-Comte, were sites for many supernatural and preternatural occurrences, at least according to their residents.
The brochures release five aromas including pine to plunge you into the forests of Franche-Comte, and spring flowers to waft you off to the Cote D'Azur.
The Petit Arsenal is in the middle of Vauban's seventeenth-century fortress which commands the city of Besancon and the valley of the Doubs, down which armies from the east would have had to march through the Franche-Comte to seize Burgundy and the heart of France.
For more information visit or telephone 08705 186 186 TGV fares to Besancon start at pounds 79 return in standard class For more info on the Franche-Comte region, visit
The products are as follows: from Poland, dried and smoked prunes, liwka szydlowska' (PGI) and bread Obwarzanek krakowski' (PGI); in France Porc de Franche-Comte' (PGI); in Germany, the apple juice Hessischer Apfelwein' (PGI); and a product from a third country, Chinese pasta Longkou Fen Si' (PGI).
Samse is present only in Limousin, Rhone-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, whereas Doras operates in Auvergne, Bourgogne, Centre, Champagne-Ardenne and Franche-Comte, where it trades under the names Doras, Lypsis and DMV Agglo.
Belgacom France and the BLR Services and Broadnet France consortia have been awarded the six wireless local loop (WLL) licences which remained to be awarded in Auvergne, Corsica, Franche-Comte and Limousin, according to an announcement by the Authority for the Regulation of Telecommunications (ART).