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Spanish general whose armies took control of Spain in 1939 and who ruled as a dictator until his death (1892-1975)

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Urdu was the natural choice because it was Pakistan's lingua franca, the only language spoken both in Eastern and Western provinces of Pakistan.
Being free from the need to create expressive exaggerations, the Lingua Franca Ensemble leads the audience on an emotional journey, offering euphoria.
Caption: Susan de Franca, Douglas Elliman Development Marketing; Yoel Sharigan, Elad Group; Samantha Sax, Elad Group; Larry Silverstein, Silverstein Properties; Rob Vecsler, Silverstein Properties; Fredrik Eklund; Marty Burger, Silverstein Properties; John Gomes.
Aluminium, known for possessing excellent resistance to corrosion with highly adaptable strength, is great for joining things together and these qualities could aptly describe the mettle of our Franca.
She covers language regulation, previous research on English as a lingua franca and language regulation, exploring an academic English-as-a-lingua-franca setting in Finland: the research site and methodology, language-regulation practices, interview accounts: perceptions of English and its regulation, and comparisons: the construction of living norms.
O APL calcadista de Franca e exemplar para demonstrar a importancia da relacao comercio-industria, pois as informacoes levantadas, na pesquisa empirica realizada por Carmo (2012), reafirmaram que o crescimento da producao, o desenvolvimento do setor e as expressividades das marcas sao dependentes de forma direta da expansao do comercio e do aperfeicoamento das estrategias de vendas.
When the tide comes in, La Franca beach turns into a large, shallow pool, making it particularly safe bathing for children.
Mesmo no plano cultural, apesar do sucesso do existencialismo de Sartre e do mitico Saint-Germain-des-Pres, a Franca das Luzes e da Grande Revolucao deve concorrer doravante com dois outros modelos bem mais sedutores: o da tecnologia norte-americana e o da ideologia sovietica (BOUVIER et al.
Lingua franca is a third or link language that is understood by two parties who speak different languages.
Jadson James Franca, 35, was sacked after mounting the pavement and breaking the stray's hind legs before tying a chain around its neck.
His mum and dad, Franca and Lorenzo, and sister Sophia, are delighted but said there was still a way to go.
This PV plant, entitled Planta Solar Zona Franca Astro Nicaragua, will power 26 companies and supply approximately 30% of total energy consumption for the Zona Franca Astro Nicaragua industrial park.
Franca Rame, sin falsas modestias, fue una mujer con una moral especial en los teatros".