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(mathematics) a geometric pattern that is repeated at every scale and so cannot be represented by classical geometry

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The research started from the obvious existence of fractals in everything that surrounds us and wishes to show and confirm that patterns exist in economic life and may help, even may become an important tool for financial decision makers.
Now become understandable that fractals have always there, part of our day-to-day life, just waited to be discovered.
In this paper, HPMI technique was utilized to describe the sizes and distributions of carbonate microscale and nanoscale pores, and the fractal characteristics of microscale and nanoscale pores were also investigated.
Since Mandelbrot first proposed the fractal theory in 1980s [3], its application has been widely used for rock pore structure characterization, due to its effectiveness in describing complex and irregular structures with self-similar characteristics.
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In [20-22] it was shown that a system with a particular fractal structure in the energy-momentum space should be described by the nonextensive statistics proposed by Tsallis.
This system can be shown to have a fractal dimension in the energy-momentum space, so from now on it will be referred to as fractal.
Spatiotemporal evolution of urban form and land-use structure in Hangzhou, China: evidence from fractals, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 37(5): 838-856.
There are many techniques for measuring and mapping urban morphology and urban sprawl, including shape index, contagion index, Shannon's entropy, fractal analysis and Moran's I (Bhatta 2012; Munafo, Congedo 2013; Zeng et al.
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Here, an incident EM plane wave illuminates a three dimensional (3D) rough fractal surface f(x,y), where the illuminated area of the surface (due to limited radar antenna beamwidth) is given by A = 4[L.sub.x][L.sub.y], with -[L.sub.x] < x < [L.sub.x], -[L.sub.y] < y [much less than] [L.sub.y]
This RCS increase can be dramatic, in excess of 15 dB, with the fractal solutions.
FRACTAL has dubbed the new system for tracking and identification as "RDiD(TM)".
Fractal techniques have been used in diverse engineering applications involving physical phenomenon in disordered structures and multiple scales [22,23].