Fourier series

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the sum of a series of trigonometric expressions

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(where [A.sup.*.sub.(*)] (X) denotes the Fourier decomposition of [18]).
The paper, through the eye-movement experiment, obtains characteristics that influence product style, utilizes shape grammar to extract the contour of feature elements and transforms it to two-dimensional closed curve, then makes similarity analysis on different feature elements via Fourier decomposition. After an analysis of data acquired from observers' eye movement in the regions of interest (ROI), the author makes a weight analysis on the feature elements in product modeling, then carries out a significant research on each element, finally calculates the overall similarity of different products so as to provide guidance for product design and analysis.
It is accomplished by introducing Fourier decomposition of the targets focus function in spatial frequency domain.
Elliptical Fourier decomposition was chosen for this study because it does not require that points on the outline of the specimen be equally spaced (Crampton, 1995), thus allowing greater sampling from sections of complex shape or high variability of curvature.
In this technique, the Fourier decomposition of the FET response to transient excitations is employed.