Fosbury flop

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jumping over the bar backwards and head first

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Lewis went on to say, "Fosbury re-invented High Jump." The excitement at Golf4Family now comes from the anticipation of the TL Pendulum Putting System radically changing the approach to putting as the Fosbury Flop did to High Jump.
The lesion did not fill the usual and undermentioned radiological Fosbury flop criteria [4] but had a unique pattern; the lesion corresponded to a musculotendinous junction lesion of the rotator cuff [6] that flopped on itself and healed on the anterior humerus and coracoid process (Figure 2).
"Every great player throughout history has a down period in their game." (http:// .stm) Fosbury flop
Along with this there may be innovations like the Fosbury Flop in high jumping that affect superior performance.
Barsham, who jumps off his left foot using the Fosbury Flop technique, left his mark on the London Olympics when he cleared a height of 2.29m to figure in the medals.
It's now set to become the Fosbury Flop of housework.
What Celtic WANT to hear is: "I turned round, saw Broadfoot giving it the full Fosbury flop and thought to myself: 'Gaun yersel big yin - that gives me the perfect opportunity to get it right up the Cellic.
Showjumping: Make the Fosbury flop mandatory for the horses.
Inventor of the Fosbury flop technique used by high jumpers.
The Fosbury flop is now the standard technique used by all.
He won the gold medal and set a world record with the Fosbury Flop, the style used by most high-jumpers today.
The proverbial fence-jumping sheep have been handed their P45s and sent to be re-skilled in the Fosbury Flop in time for the London Olympics.
BOTSWANAN high jumper Kabelo Mmono is a man on a mission - to regain his position as his nation's number one exponent of the Fosbury Flop.
Since that point, virtually every high jumper has used what is now called the "Fosbury flop." (2)
Five years later at the Mexico Olympics he astonished the watching world by grabbing gold with a leap of 2.24 metres - the Fosbury Flop had arrived.