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a compiler for programs written in FORTRAN

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However, developers typically do not access the generated copy of the transformed code; its purpose is to serve as an intermediate step before compilation by the native Fortran compiler. Therefore, we only choose to perform function or data normalization whenever a user-defined metaclass overrides OFExtendFunctionCall, OFExtendVariableRead, or OFExtendVariableWrite to perform caller side translations and whenever it is necessary when OFExtendDefinition is being overridden.
NVIDIA today announced that a public beta release of the PGIA CUDA-enabled Fortran compiler is now available.
"Without a parallel debugger such as Totalview for the Intel Fortran compiler, providing support for our parallel simulator will be extremely difficult, if not impossible."
The reference performance is that obtained by the Fortran compiler with the highest level of optimization.
Version 9.0 of the Intel Fortran Compiler is also available immediately, starting at USD499 for Windows or Linux versions.
Also for those users, 10.1 Community brings many improvements to the Mandrakelinux suite of development tools, with new versions of GCC (a C, C++, Java and Fortran compiler), Kdevelop (an advanced IDE) and ODB (a debugger).
The resulting sparse program together with a small sparse library containing some basic primitives can be supplied to a conventional Fortran compiler for the desired target architecture, as depicted in Figure 2.
ASPAR is a Fortran compiler that performs simple dependence analysis using A-lists to detect parallel loops [20].
Chip maker Intel Corp has announced the immediate availability of its Intel Visual Fortran Compiler, Professional Edition for Windows.
Visual Numerics Inc., specialists in numerical analysis and visualization software is optimizing the Visual Numerics IMSL Fortran Library 5.0, which is targeted for use with the next release of the Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows.
Table III lists the Fortran compiler and the flags used to compile our factorizations..
For SIMPLE, the third most complex code, the Fortran compiler was unable to unravel the true behavior of the equation of state package, regardless of function expansion.
The IMSL Fortran Library 5.0 for the Intel Fortran Compiler for Windows is targeted for release in Q4 2003.
Intel has released the latest version of the Intel C++ Compiler for Linux, version 5.0 and the Intel Fortran Compiler for Linux.
An early Fortran compiler took 20-50 man-years of effort.