Forth River

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a river in southern Scotland that flows eastward to the Firth of Forth


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From the Forth River, water is pumped to a holding dam located near Sprent and delivered throughout the district by distribution pipelines, which minimises losses associated with other delivery systems.
WARWICK-BASED engineering firm Cape has won a 10-year contract worth pounds 78m to provide scaffolding, industrial cleaning and asbestos management at Scottish Power's Longannet and Cockenzie power stations, which are based along the Forth River.
In Grangemouth, for example, the wind blows the waste gases from plants into the Forth River estuary for much of the year.
The scheme will be located adjacent to Forth River Primary School and is accessed off the Ballygomartin Road.
The kids, from Belfast's Forth River Primary School, were amazed at the 10f t-high sculpture made from old TVs, radios, toasters and all sorts of waste electrical goods as part of the Waste Fair at City Hall.
The Coke people need a well for their River Rock water, so I have told them the Forth River up there is perfect.
STIRLING: The three star Radisson SAS Airth Castle and Hotel dates back to the 14th Century and overlooks the Forth River and Valley.