Fort Ticonderoga

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a pitched battle in which American revolutionary troops captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British in 1775

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Britain's General Burgoyne has taken back Fort Ticonderoga and is marching toward Albany [see map inset, p.
The story does depict violence, as soldiers fight to protect Fort Ticonderoga, dogs savage runaway slaves, and Gruger beheads his attackers.
Kosciuszko, as Chief Engineer, supervised the fortification of various sites along the Canadian border, but his first truly indispensable contribution came at Fort Ticonderoga in July 1777.
Burgoyne's initial campaign was a success: the taking of Fort Ticonderoga across the lake from Mount Independence, an American stronghold.
95) details the extraordinary task of moving cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester heights near Boston for an important American victory early in the war.
McCullough is particularly impressed with Knox's success in transporting the captured cannon from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights outside Boston.
1776--Patriot militias led by Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold attack the British garrison at Fort Ticonderoga, N.
In contrast, the capture of Fort Ticonderoga started Congress (functioning as a General Staff War Plans Division) thinking in terms of grand strategy to invade adjacent territory with the political hope of making Canada the fourteenth state and the strategic goal of protecting the northern flank.
A golf tournament at a Donald Ross designed championship course, Sagamore Country Club; "Companion Programs" for everyone; back for a return engagement, "The Nestle Kids Club"; and a grand tour of Historic Fort Ticonderoga.
A little history: Fighting under Ethan Allen, the Green Mountain Boys are most remembered for taking Fort Ticonderoga from the sleeping British in 1775.
Among the first successes of the American Revolution were the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point in May 1775.
It is one of a trio of Revolutionary war sites overlooking the narrowest section of Lake Champlain (the other two are Fort Ticonderoga and Mount Defiant on the New York side of the lake).
King George III allegedly exclaimed when hearing of General John Burgoyne's victory over the American forces at Fort Ticonderoga in New York in June 1777.
Principal battle: Fort Ticonderoga (New York) (1758).
Born in Litchfield, Connecticut, Allen led a force of Vermont and Connecticut volunteers against Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolution.
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