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But for my satisfaction, if you will have the goodness to ring for Mary; stay: I am sure you will have the still greater goodness of going yourself into my bedroom, and bringing me the small inlaid box which you will find on the upper shelf of the closet.
The letter I am looking for was one written by Mr Elliot to him before our marriage, and happened to be saved; why, one can hardly imagine.
If he does, however, they will leave me in peace, which may be a decent equivalent for the reversion.
again, meaning, for the rest of my life, to be only yours truly,--Wm.
Mr Elliot's having any views on me will not in the least account for the efforts he made towards a reconciliation with my father.
This was the light in which it appeared to those who knew the family, long before you returned to it; and Colonel Wallis had his eye upon your father enough to be sensible of it, though he did not then visit in Camden Place; but his regard for Mr Elliot gave him an interest in watching all that was going on there, and when Mr Elliot came to Bath for a day or two, as he happened to do a little before Christmas, Colonel Wallis made him acquainted with the appearance of things, and the reports beginning to prevail.
I have always wanted some other motive for his conduct than appeared.
Mr Elliot, raised by his marriage to great affluence, and disposed to every gratification of pleasure and vanity which could be commanded without involving himself,(for with all his self-indulgence he had become a prudent man), and beginning to be rich, just as his friend ought to have found himself to be poor, seemed to have had no concern at all for that friend's probable finances, but, on the contrary, had been prompting and encouraging expenses which could end only in ruin; and the Smiths accordingly had been ruined.
She had good reason to believe that some property of her husband in the West Indies, which had been for many years under a sort of sequestration for the payment of its own incumbrances, might be recoverable by proper measures; and this property, though not large, would be enough to make her comparatively rich.
My heart bled for you, as I talked of happiness; and yet he is sensible, he is agreeable, and with such a woman as you, it was not absolutely hopeless.
Tennyson now spent much of his time in London, on terms of friendship with many literary men, including Carlyle, who almost made an exception in his favor from his general fanatical contempt for poetry.
The company said this conversion was conducted with the support of the option for class A shareholders to request conversion of class a shares to class b shares that was entered into the articles of association at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.
House Republican leaders have forced the CHIP reauthorization drafters to scrounge for CHIP reauthorization pay-fors, "while we have this looming debate over tax reform, none of which is paid for," Pallone said.
Richard Ekkebus and sous chef with Margarita Fors at the cheese, fruits and nuts table
During my visit to Iran I met senior Iranian officials and discussed cooperation in the field of research with them," Fors added.