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Synonyms for fornication

Synonyms for fornication

voluntary sexual intercourse between persons not married to each other

extramarital sex that willfully and maliciously interferes with marriage relations

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Christian sexual morality and its war against fornication were spread "parish by parish" among urban populaces, the "silent majority" of much of the secondary literature on the subject (139, 161).
As per the court records, the case came to light early this year when the anti-human trafficking section of the RAK Police was alerted that a couple was forcing their daughters into fornication.
html) mission which they claim is to preach against all form of sin which includes fornication.
Many church followers come and report many cases regarding fornication, infidelity and priests have secretly fathered kids, but the Church always remained secretive.
This is downright fornication because these marriages are designed solely for sexual pleasures without the responsibilities of a marriage proper," he added.
The Who in their 60s, singing "Hope I die before I get old" to enthusiastic audiences spanning generations; Mick Jagger, with seven years already on his bus pass, snaking across the stage singing "Let''s spend the night together"; or a topless, leathery Iggy Pop growling "Last year I was 21", before climbing the speaker stacks for a bit of mock fornication.
feign outrage that a filthy dyke wants to parade her girlfriend' around at their night of fornication called a prom.
The new freedom of the gospel refuses the ordinary ways of the world that include quarrels, dissensions, carousing, and fornication (5:19-21).
The Hebrew stem ZNH (as translated into the Latin alphabet) has a generally accepted lexical meaning of "commit fornication, be/act as a harlot.
But what she forgets is that human rights are conferred on a people by the state taking into consideration the socio-cultural environment of the people--that is why fornication is punishable in Muslim countries by Sharia but not in secular states like Ghana.
Since the Victorian period, flowers have been used to communicate hidden messages and coded meanings; Tulips are traditionally a declaration of love, Iris symbolise warmth and affection, whilst the word Orchid is derived from the Greek for male genitalia and Lime Blossom means fornication.
David Clarenbach that eliminates criminal penalties for cohabitation, fornication, homosexual acts, and other sexual behavior between (or among) consenting adults in private.
In any case it is the medical profession, the teaching profession and the profession of journalism who definitely have a responsibility to teach and educate our society about the dangers and side effects of licentious fornication.
The former is a promotion for fornication, and the latter for occult activity, both of which are firmly condemned by the Bible.
Boykin further cited statistical evidence for his assertion, claiming that a professor at Howes-Anderson College in Hammond, Indiana, had discovered that, "out of 1,000 girls who became pregnant out of wedlock, 984 committed fornication while rock music was being played.