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Synonyms for ballistics

the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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It concerned of measuring trace after firing pin of the specific gun after shooting which is important aspect in forensic ballistics area which is an important part of mechanoscopy.
Retiring after over twenty years' service in the British South Africa Police and the Zimbabwe Republic Police, CID Detective Superintendent Charlie Haley was formerly officer commanding the Forensic Ballistics laboratory, and is widely recognised as one of the premier African experts on firearms and ballistics.
Forensic ballistics in court; interpretation and presentation of firearms evidence.
As Tallow and his partners in the Crime Scene Unit explore the forensic ballistics of each gun, they discover they've been used to kill only one person, and were involved in hundreds of unsolved murders that span decades.
82) The defendants, facing the death penalty, challenged the admissibility of the forensic ballistics identification evidence under Federal Rule of Evidence 702.
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