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the part of the State Department that supplies diplomats for the United States embassies and consulates around the world

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Today, the top concerns of Foreign Service families remain the same and continue to be FLO's major areas of interest.
The present disposition to underestimate the importance of services to the individual through the Department and the Foreign Service and to understaff and undercompensate these important services threatens to constitute such a weak link.
Drilon acknowledged that the President had the prerogative to make political appointments to foreign posts but said the 'spirit' behind the Foreign Service Act is to encourage professionalism.
DFA said the following successful examinees will be recommended for appointment as Foreign Service Officers, Class IV to President Rodrigo Duterte:
In addition to serving as the eyes and ears of the United States abroad, the Foreign Service is responsible for the protection of Americans and their interests in foreign countries, the promotion of international trade, and various consular matters, such as adjudicating visas.
Prior to joining the Foreign Service, Shelton was an attorney with Bouhan, Williams and Levy in Savannah, Georgia and a law clerk to the Honorable Duross Fitzpatrick, United States District Judge for the Middle District of Georgia.
From the beginning, its mission was to provide the secretary of state with independent analysis of the intelligence gathered by Foreign Service officers and other agencies on the primary threats of the day.
Sullivan was a retired Foreign Service officer and the wife of retired Foreign Service officer Daniel Sullivan.
One must note that the DFA was able to screen out incompetents and hire only qualified foreign service officers (FSOs) because of the stringent provisions of Republic Act No.
Foreign Service, will ever suffer from excessive media hype or bestseller status.
Addressing the Passing Out ceremony of the 32nd Specialized Diplomatic Course of the officers of Foreign Service of Pakistan here at Foreign Service Academy (FSA) she said that despite difficult relations in the past with India, Pakistan strongly believed that the only way forward was through building trust and confidence.
When Brady Kiesling, a veteran foreign service officer, was planning to resign in protest over the war in Iraq, his friend, former ambassador Robert Keeled; told him it wouldn't do any good, people would forget what he had done.
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