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the part of the State Department that supplies diplomats for the United States embassies and consulates around the world

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Even before joining the foreign service in 1954, Zaki had been actively associated with the Pakistan Muslim League and earlier with the Pakistan Movement.
Conducted in collaboration with the DFA, the Qualifying Test is the first part of the five-part FSOE to recruit candidates for the Foreign Service Officer, Class IV position.
To honor Foreign Service youth who demonstrate outstanding community volunteerism, the FSYF gave two winners prize money.
The Specialized Diplomatic Course is the signature training programme of the Foreign Service Academy, aimed at broadening the knowledge and intellectual base of trainees, promoting cross-cultural understanding and developing their analytical and public relations skills.
Of course much of the criticism is justified, but it is curious to see that this genre of critical comment is indulged in almost solely by Foreign Service people.
Besides the size of the service, the parliamentary panel expressed concern over the quality of intake while noting that whereas in the past decades only the top 10 civil services exam rankers would be taken in, many lower rank candidates were now joining the foreign service.
Addressing a group of 34 probationers of Indian Foreign Service (2011 batch), President Mukherjee asked them to train themselves in economic diplomacy and issues like energy security and food security.
Under this legislation, 1500 additional people could join the Foreign Service over the next two years.
USAID Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund USAID Foreign Service 38,700 -- 36,400 -- 34,600 Retirement and Disability Fund
Like their Foreign Service counterparts, CIA officers came to yearn for cushy assignments in the world's more attractive cities, especially those in Europe, in contrast to the places where their services were most needed.
Embassy: How the Foreign Service Works for America is an anthology of brief essays and personal testimonies penned by experienced professionals and published by the American Foreign Service Association itself, that reveal the role a U.
She discussed her experience at posts in Taiwan, China, and Brunei Dar esSalaam, as well as the opportunities available worldwide to foreign service officers.
As a member of the Foreign Service team, you will undertake immediate management responsibilities and continually advance in your career.
Vershbow, 48, is a Russia specialist and a career Foreign Service member.
Colton, a 64-year-old foreign service officer whom the Department of State has subjected to discrimination by denying her the opportunity to serve at certain posts simply because of her age.
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