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the government department in charge of foreign relations

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"If the treaty had reached, let us say, the French or Russian Foreign Office, you would expect to hear of it?"
I had already begun to suspect Joseph, from the fact that you had intended to travel home with him that night, and that therefore it was a likely enough thing that he should call for you, knowing the Foreign Office well, upon his way.
London, Feb 11(ANI): The United Kingdom's counter-intelligence and security agency, MI5, and the Foreign Office have been accused of systematically covering up their involvement in the torture of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Binyam Mohamed.
The Foreign Office refused to discuss where the threat had come from or whether staffing levels were being changed.
But the Foreign Office said around 100 British people are now officially missing.
His friend, who has not been named by the Foreign Office, from Sutton Coldfield is undergoing treatment for leg injuries in the Siguras hospital near Gerona.
During the weekly news briefing, Foreign Office spokesman Dr Muhammad Faisal told reporters that officials from Pakistan's Consulate in Houston had met Dr Aafia 12 time during the last three years.
According to a Foreign Office statement, Pakistan also regretted twisting of facts by the Afghanistan government regarding the recent incidents of firing along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
In a statement, foreign office said that an innocent civilian, 38 years old Sarfaraz Ahmad resident of village Laychayal, was martyred by Indian firing.
Dr Faisal during the Foreign Office's weekly press briefing spoke in detail about the situation in Indian occupied Kashmir after Article 370 was abolished.
The UK opposes the use of the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle," the UK Foreign Office said.
A letter by the Foreign Office dated May 31, alleged that Indian police and secret agency officials had 'barricaded the High Commission from all sides.
He asked the Prime Minister to take notice of this statement of foreign office spokesman and order action against those who are creating hindrances in way of early repatriation of the daughter of the nation.
This litany is all too familiar and in line with India's frequent attempts to portray legitimate activities of the people in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as linked to so-called terrorism,' the foreign office said in a statement.
Saudi Arabia will place $3 billion cash deposits with the State Bank of Pakistan, in addition to providing a one-year deferred payment facility for the import of oil, worth up to $3 billion, according to the Foreign Office.
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