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a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

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It may result from a deep infolding of foramen caecum during tooth development which in some cases may result in a second apical foramen.
Tambien suele expresarse un fovea o fosa vestibular sobre el surco de desarrollo vestibular denominada Punto P o foramen caecum (3,9).
Ectopic thyroid usually occurs along the path of descent of the developing thyroid primodium from the foramen caecum, commonest being lingual (Batsakis et al.
Ectopic thyroid tissue may be encountered in the tongue, anywhere along the midline from the foramen caecum at the base of the tongue to the normal position of the thyroid, media-stinum, lateral neck and oral cavity.
The thyroglossal duct mass was excised in toto along with the tract going upwards including a part of the hyoid bone, up to the foramen caecum (Figure 3 and Figure 4).