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Womens footy has a long, strong and proud history in Queensland, Mr de Brenni said.
The intensity is up but that doesn't mean we can't train like we have to play Test footy.
Don't they know that losing is one of the three possible outcomes in a footy match?
Speaking to a lot of our supporters, they want to see us keep playing footy.
Anyhow, in this story that's doing the rounds - apparently the two teams played 80 minutes of highly fractious footy.
A higher-level teaching assistant at Christ Church Primary School in Shieldfield, Harland started Footy Pupz with partner Emma after their son, two-year-old Charlie, began to develop a love for "kicking anything, round or not.
He said "The Braybrook footy club had this winning culture.
Lehmann said that he thought the runner was Greek, not Italian and they were just having some fun on the footy day.
People in India are unaware about the sport, but with support from the government and the corporates, footy has the potential to grow," he said.
This is a book for any child who has just discovered the joys of playing footy or even the general excitement of outdoor sports.
To celebrate the looming 2013-14 campaign, we're offering youngsters across the area a chance to proudly show off their footy shirts and tell us about their favourite football things.
I was delighted to play a small part in a hugely successful period, riding Footy Facts to win the open at Dromahane on Saturday.
Some of our key players who have been injured haven't played that much footy.
He played here for three years so he'll want to see the boys, but I don't think his reason for coming back here is to talk to us about playing AFL footy,'' said Walsh.
Foxy footy fan Shareen Munir, 33, is already in the running after entering our competition.