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contagious degenerative infection of the feet of hoofed animals (especially cattle and sheep)

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plant disease in which the stem or trunk rots at the base

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It was also found that the prevalence of lameness caused by footrot was much lower in groups of sheep where individual sheep had been treated early with parenteral and topical antibiotics.
He is a keen advocate of the 5-point plan for footrot which means treating early, vaccinating, culling, avoiding, and keeping sheep in quarantine.
He advocates a five-point plan for footrot which involves treating early, vaccinating, culling, avoiding, and keeping sheep in quarantine.
Development of a facial expression scale using footrot and mastitis as models of pain in sheep.
Prevalence of ovine footrot in the tropical climate of southern India and isolation and characterisation of Dichelobacter nodosus.
Clarke who satirised the rural New Zealand male and Wal Footrot was the eponymous hero of the popular comic strip Footrot Flats, which also drew upon the rural New Zealand male stereotype for humorous effect.
In the recent years, a large number of meaningful association studies have been carried out in sheep, especially on resistance to: i) nematodiasis such as gastronintestinal nematodiasis (Charon et al., 2002; Sayers et al., 2005; Stear et al., 2005); ii) bacterial diseases like bacterial footrot (Escayg et al., 1997); and iii) viral diseases such as BLV-induced ovine lymphoma, Maedi Visna and pulmonary adenocarcinoma viral diseases (Aida, 2001; Konnai et al., 2003b; Larruskain et al., 2010).
ONCE upon a time people believed that the monarch's touch would instantly cure their string-warts and scrofula while banishing bad breath and footrot.
I am now Living in a small town in Western Australia with my family--Joyce, our nine-year-old son Rory, and "Dog", a la Footrot Flats.
Maggot Debridement Therapy in the Treatment of Footrot and Foot Scald in Sheep.
Jimmy Mullen's at The Banks's Stadium had expired, albeit due to factors not all within his control, and the Saddlers were limping through the season like a flock of sheep with footrot.
Tags uniquely identify each animal in the database which holds information ranging from milking ability and fat cover to disposition to footrot.
Historian Philip Orr, who is based in the North, added: "There were raids, foul-smelling dugouts, rats that fed on unburied corpses and the footrot that left men crippled after hours spent standing in deep water."
A hardy dual-purpose breed with resistance to fly-strike and footrot. The meat is lean and tasty.