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a body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject

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Much of the discussion concerns the different attitudes of poet and composer to the folk myth of the miller and his maid.
Hurston's ludic tendency to metaphorize the ethnographer's identity reaches its final apotheosis in Mules and Men when the author herself, functioning as the final story-telling voice in the collection, concludes the book, just as she began, with a folk myth.
The hitchhiking epic is essentially a folk myth rather than a literary artifice, and the best examples have been passed by word of mouth around seats of battered Bugs on transcontinental trips.
While he lists various historical claims for the efficacy of the plant he also evaluates the truth of such claims, from folk myth to tested and proved in controlled scientific studies.
Where the first half of the play provides the narration of various folk myths, the second half is a television talk show where the participants in the play respond to questions about their own immigrant experiences.
A search for a hero is one of the most rooted folk myths we have.
No longer an alternative realm for spiritual fulfilment or identity formation, religion strives to influence and shape notions of the nation and national culture, either through the interpretation of folk myths, representation of heroes, or by affirming state structures and institutions.