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the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community

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Celtic folk group Blazin' Fiddles brought their current six–piece incarnation out on tour in support of new record Six – because they're now a six–piece, geddit?
A FOLK group which first came together 40 years ago is reuniting for a special concert to help celebrate this year's visit of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the region.
For two shows Sunday, super folk group End Construction will reunite for "A Show of Support for Stuart Ferguson" at the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge.
The second day ( February 7) saw performances by baul s and fakir s from the Bengal Bihar Sufi Folk group as well as Otava Yo, a folk group from Russia.
The free event, to be staged in Sofia's premier Bulgaria Hall, will feature world-famed Hungarian organist Laszlo Fassang and multi-instrumentalist Balazs Dongo Szokolay, as well as renowned Bulgarian traditional folk group Great Voices of Bulgaria.
he Thai folk group, Ayutthaya Folklore, presented the traditional lore of Thailand in their interpretative style.
All are welcome to attend the events that include performances by world-renowned Italian opera singers, pianists and a Sardinian folk group, as well as two art exhibitions and screenings of widely-acclaimed Italian films.
And how about the Ian Campbell Folk Group, who contributed so much to the music scene?
THE infamous folk group Bogmen has lost one of its singer-musicians.
Thousands of Planxty fans across the country were glued to their TV sets last Sunday night for a double bill of the famed Irish folk group.
Over the past few years there have been a wealth of greatest-hits and re-release packages of music by both Dusty and the Springfields (the faux folk group in which she and her brother sang "Silver Threads and Golden Needles" way back in 1962).
John Darnielle, founder of indie folk group The Mountain Goats, wrote on the band's Twitter page: "Steely Dan changed the way I understand music forever; I started writing songs under the name 'the Mountain Goats' the same month that I bought 'Katy Lied' on tape and started obsessing over it.
Alan Laing of Flag Crackers Folk Group gets into the splash of things during Redcar Folk Festival in July 1990