Foggy Bottom

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United States Department of State, which is housed in a building in a low-lying area of Washington near the Potomac River

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Now Trump will have a kindred spirit at State; the White House and Foggy Bottom will be going in the same direction, for better or worse.
Future webinars will be on building stress resilience for children and coping with the stress of change; their dates and times will be announced in cables, Department notices, the FLO Weekly newsletter and the Foggy Bottom Rambles blog.
Oryakhil would receive the award from the First Lady, Michelle Obama, at an awards ceremony at the Foggy Bottom headquarters of the State Department.
However, there is a disconnect between the White House and Foggy Bottom.
When Obama tapped Clinton to lead the State Department, Sullivan followed the new secretary to Foggy Bottom.
In the case of Arena Stage and George Washington University, being located in historic Foggy Bottom puts it "cheek by jowl with the center of the city during the Civil War," as Arena artistic director Molly Smith puts it.
The name is evocative, as is the location: Foggy Bottom in Washington, DC.
The company has terminated the DoubleTree by Hilton franchise licence on the 105-room hotel in Foggy Bottom, located at 801 New Hampshire Ave.
By choosing him, Romney could show bipartisanship while handing the reins in Foggy Bottom to someone with international stature and whose foreign-policy views are more hawkish than many Republicans.
Gurman's Foggy Bottom naysayers have several characteristics in common.
Former American envoy to UN John Bolton frequently used this term to define the mindset in culture of US State Department at Foggy Bottom in Washington.
What do those anonymous officials at Foggy Bottom stand for?
Accessing the location is quick and simple via Metro, as the Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Farragut North, and Farragut West metro stations are all within walking distance, offering direct access to the Red, Orange, and Blue lines.
But Wikileaks has given us a flavour of the American embassy's reporting to Foggy Bottom on the vexed subject of Bulgaria's media.
Por el momento estara sujeto a ocupar un puesto de buen nivel en Foggy Bottom, distrito historico de Washington en el que se situa la sede de la politica exterior norteamericana.