focal length

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the distance from a lens to its focus

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The least-square of the bundle adjustment among these images was then used to determine the inner orientation parameters, lens focus length, principal point offsets, and radial distortion, as listed in Table 1 (Huang and Mitchell 1995; Rieke-Zapp et al.
CCD] (mm); (2) the distance between the camera and object, H (m); (3) the base distance between the pair of cameras, B (m); and (4) the focus length [f.
5 times as accurate as the results of Rieke-Zapp and Nearing (2005) at the same distance, L, due to the use of a lower focus length of 19 mm.
Specifications of the Nikon D2H camera and the calibration information for the left and right cameras Focus CCD CCD Corrected length f size pixel size focus length Camera (mm) (pixels) SCCD (mm) (mm) Left 50 2464 x 1632 0.
This design creates optical devices that are low cost, provide increased design flexibility, enable a short focus length and can be fabricated at high speed.