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underdevelopment of an organ because of a decrease in the number of cells

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Focal dermal hypoplasia. Current concepts and differential diagnosis.
Focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome with incomplete transverse facial cleft and tumour of the lips.
Nine chapters have been added: on atopic dermatitis, proteus syndrome, Netherton's syndrome, focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome, skin gene therapy, genital disease, erythromelalgia, nursing care of pediatric skin, and the use of resurfacing, pigment, and depilation lasers.
Congenitally missing teeth are seen in Witkop syndrome, Book syndrome, hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, incontinentia pigmenti, Ellis-van Creveld syndrome, Hallermann-Streiff syndrome, focal dermal hypoplasia, lipoid proteinosis, Rieger syndrome, otodental dysplasia, Coffin-Lowry syndrome, trichodental syndrome and others.
Syndromes commonly associated with double teeth are Wolf--Hirschhorn syndrome, achondroplasia, focal dermal hypoplasia, osteopetrosis, and chondroectodermal dysplasia.
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