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an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown

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It is an action thriller in the style of 'Where Eagles Dare' and features a British commando mission to destroy Nazi flying saucers in their underground hangar in Germany during WW2.
"The flying overhead, landing and taking off of aeronautical machines called 'flying saucers' or 'flying cigars,' of whatever nationality they may be is strictly forbidden on the territory of the commune of Chateauneuf-du-Pape."
"UFO Became A Mum" (September 28, 1968): "A flying saucer which gave birth over Willenhall has been reported to the Unidentified Flying Object Information Centre of Mr Brian Leathley-Andrew.
STUDENT HOAX THE great flying saucer hoax in 1967 saw Farnborough Technical College students Chris Southall and David Harrison creating their own alien craft for a rag-week stunt.
Why is it, you may ask, that we've not yet been visited by flying saucers and six-legged green creatures who demand to be taken to our leader?
In June, a young boy in India was snapping photos of clouds when he captured an image of what some thought may have been a flying saucer circling the skies.
NAZI Germany may have been much closer to developing an atomic bomb, and a "flying saucer" to deliver it, than previously thought.
Schoolboy art a hit in Seoul, flying saucer spotters required, Ivor signs for Newcastle, and much more make the news 54 years ago this week Welsh art amid the rubble Amid the rubble and feverish rebuilding in the Korean city of Seoul, Unesco is currently holding the fourth annual exhibition of children's art.
The company is offering Lil' Flying Saucer, featuring vanilla soft serve ice cream and chocolate cookie wafer, at local Carvel retail locations, complimentary to its customers on the date.
The town became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed at a nearby military base in July 1947.
Summary: New documents released by the Government have revealed Winston Churchill expressed curiosity in "flying saucers".
FORMER Prime Minister Winston Churchill, left, expressed curiosity in "flying saucers" and requested a briefing from his ministers, a memo released today revealed.
I WAS never one to believe in flying saucers and UFOs but on Saturday night (January 9), my 19-year-old son and I saw a circular craft which flew over Knotty Ash, high over Alder Hey Hospital before vanishing.
Its recyclable packaging takes the form of rockets and flying saucers to give your makeup bag an injection of fun.
Nuclear physicist and lecturer Stanton Friedman packs in over 40 years of research on UFOs and advanced nuclear and space systems to survey data from a variety of large-scale scientific UFO studies in Flying Saucers and Science, bringing these studies to lay readers in plain terms.