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regulator consisting of a heavy wheel that stores kinetic energy and smooths the operation of a reciprocating engine

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an overseas research and consulting firm, a twenty five percent interest in the company's "Diamond Fly Wheel Technology", and a fifty percent interest in the "Active Engine" software, and "FaxKey" technology.
The objective of the larger financing is to immediately open the N and P type diamond facilities at Columbia, Missouri, where work would begin on integrated diamond circuitry, and final development of the diamond fly wheel battery.
Tenders are invited for Ecentric Vibration Shaft, Fly Wheel, Fly Wheel Guard, Arm Bearing With Plate Guard, Cover Disc, Hydraulic Distributor Block, Set Coupling, Axle Bolt/Long Pin Bolt, P.
Tender notice number : Fly Wheel Assembly ID:2017_MSRTC_201195_1
What was memorable about Bert was that he had lots of wonderful dangerous equipment - a red hot fire, anvils and huge drills with overhead fly wheels, cogs and handles.
In contrast to high-speed systems (asynchronous motors) this drive works without wear parts such as couplings, belts, shear bolts or fly wheels, reducing its susceptibility to failures to a minimum.
Fly Wheels XPV ($60 plus $30 battery, JAKKS Pacific)
Jakks Pacific moves the fun to the outdoors with Fly Wheels ($7.
Ellie was given a Barbie camera, while Kieren got a selection box and James got a fly wheels, which was on his Christmas list.
The foundries produce iron cylinder blocks, bearing caps, cylinder heads, manifolds, waterpumps, crankshafts, clutch housings, and fly wheels.
Fly through the air and zip on the ground with the ultralightweight radio-controlled Fly Wheels XPV ($60), above, from JAKKS Pacific.
The 2006 Holiday Toy Season is officially underway and we are absolutely thrilled that our Speed Stacks StackPacks and Fly Wheels XPV vehicles made the Toy Wishes Hot Dozen list," said Stephen Berman, President and Chief Operating Officer of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
A gizmo that flies and drives, the Fly Wheels XPV, sells for $59.
Jack Friedman, chairman and CEO of JAKKS, said robust sales of recently acquired Creative Design lines helped offset international declines in sales of Fly Wheels and TV Games.