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the highest navigational bridge on a ship

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The Idaho Shakes amphitheatre has no fly system, so most set pieces have to roll in and out from the wings, and the stage lighting has to compete with the setting sun, particularly in Act 1.
The newly-installed fly system stands 58ft above the stage and is an impressive array of pulleys, ropes, and machinery.
Tenders are invited for Replace the stage curtains in the high school performing arts center and also replace all ropes and inspect and repair rigging on fly system.
The unique tamper-resistant design facilitates servicing and flexibility of use while offering the most economical fly system in the industry.
Contract notice: Replacement steering fly system theater zuidplein.
Contract notice: Automate manual fly system concert and theater and replace electrical attract small theater.
Document all needed repairs of the in-house fly system
Theatre Junushoff (Wageningen) intends to replace the control of the fly system in the main hall.
37 Arts and Dodger Stages don't offer its renters lighting or sound equipment, and Off Broadway spaces rarely have fly systems, so technology savings aren't on par with those of film multiplexes.