in flight

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flying through the air


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But Bob Horwy got Dioner Navarro to fly out to center to end the inning.
Chico then struck out Abigail Sandoval, got Craig Ringe to fly out to center, and induced Kevin Mahar to ground out to third.
to fly out to left field on a ball Ricky Ledee almost misjudged into an extra-base hit before recovering at the last moment.
Carrara, who before Tuesday had faced seven batters and allowed three earned runs, put runners on first and second with one out in the ninth but got Ray Durham to fly out and Omar Vizquel to ground out.
Zeringue scored on Luellwitz's double, but Modesto closer Jeff Coleman induced Avlas to fly out to Stavisky in left.
The Angels batted around - Wooten added a single in his second at-bat - before the third pitcher, Orlando Hernandez, finally got Eckstein to fly out to center for the third out.
Then Fogg struck out Grudzielanek and got the hot-hitting Alex Cora to fly out to right field.
Carrara got pinch hitter Ray Lankford to fly out to the center-field wall with two runners on for his first career save.