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a toilet that is cleaned of waste by the flow of water through it

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One of the first country houses in England to have flushing toilets. The first of Joseph Bramah's new hinged-value water closets was purchased in 1775.
In the EU in 2007, 18 per cent of the population lived in a dwelling with a leaking roof or damp in the walls, while 2.0 per cent had no indoor flushing toilet and 2.0 per cent no bath or shower.
In the orchestra pit, Takehisa Kosugi, carefully avoiding looking at the dancers so as not to be "influenced," improvised with stones, shells, paper fan, tin can, and various electronic apparatus to produce music that included the sounds of cicadas and a flushing toilet. Two more great dances filled this program: the 1975 Sounddance and the 1998 Pond Way.
A study of 4000 consumers also placed the Apple smart phone - which has sold 42million units since its launch in 2007 - ahead of the car, camera and flushing toilet.
It seems the flushing toilet developed over a long time.
1863: Thomas Crapper pioneered the one-piece pedestal flushing toilet. 1873: The first dynamite factory in Britain opened in Ardeer, Scotland.
Plumber Thomas Crapper did NOT invent the flushing toilet. It was actually invented by Sir John Harrington in 1596.
The iPhone came eighth, with the flushing toilet ninth and internal combustion engine tenth.
RTE radio has refused to play a leading cancer charity's advertisement - because it features the sound of a flushing toilet.
Kharuxab made the remark while handing over 17 flushing toilets to the community of Klein-Karas in the ||Kharas region on Thursday.
During the most recent two trips to Lyteville Primary School, teacher Slumko Tstotsi - who teaches religion and philosophy in Elgin - became concerned about the lack of flushing toilets at the remote school near the southern tip of the country.
Ed Miliband's radio career hasn't gone entirely down the pan since his flushing toilets moment last year.
Since the site is quite extensive, it was also critically important that we harvest rainwater for irrigation, cleaning most of the service facilities, and for flushing toilets.
LAST week it was the standardisation of flushing toilets, this week the EU's been wasting money making rules about vacuum cleaners.
You have access to flushing toilets and luxury hot showers, phonecharging stations and secure lockers and you can chill in the relaxation tent and enjoy a massage, beauty treatment or funky body art before heading to the stylish champagne bar.