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any of several breeds of small to medium-sized gun dogs with a long silky coat and long frilled ears

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I am privileged to know that there are folks out there who so care for their dogs and the continued improvement of the flushing spaniels that they arc willing to endure unimaginable struggles for just one more day in the field.
Other types of dogs, such as the flushing spaniels, have successfully brought lots of grouse and woodcock to bag, it's true.
I still take great satisfaction from judging and attending trials and hunt tests where possible, and I continue to enjoy working with my longtime friend and fellow trainer Dan Lussen, who maintains a legacy of developing great flushing spaniels out of his kennel, Pond View II.
As I've chewed on these realizations over the past days, I've become some-what disillusioned by the contemporary "style" of our flushing spaniels, and the evolution of that style.
The four basic ty-pes of gun dogs are featured--retrievers, pointing dogs, versatile breeds and flushing spaniels. Featuring Bob West and Roger Sparks.
However, this country has many more spaniel hunting tests than cocker field trials, simply because the former are open to all flushing spaniels whereas the latter are restricted to two breeds: cockers and English cockers.