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Synonyms for flue

Synonyms for flue

flat bladelike projection on the arm of an anchor

organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip

a conduit to carry off smoke

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"We are nowhere near that," says Fluer. "The economy is such that with the price of hay and the spike in fuel prices, Americans can't afford to keep these as pets." He continues, "It's an emotional, political, and very costly issue.
There is a very interesting parallel with a Balkan substratal word: Rum fluier 'flute', Arum fluer, fuleru, Alb flojere, floere, floer 'flute', a typical pastoral term also found in Ukr flojara, PI fujara, Slk fujara, Srb and Croat frula, Hung furulya, MGk flogera, all: 'flute'.
Sparkling wine and desserts will be provided by Fluer de Lis, a local French bakery.
The brand has introduced many innovative models this season such as Chalyano G3, Chalyano 924, Chalyano Arte 1, Fluer Jardin and Mon Cherie.
I prefer Shearer Candles and love their new Fluer range.
Bob Hunt's arranging skills means that several Duke Ellington numbers feature in the band's concerts and Tony Carter will doubtless pay tribute to his distinguished forerunner, Monty Sunshine, as he plays Petite Fluer.