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United States chemist who developed methods for studying long-chain molecules (1910-1985)

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Flory organizes the book into a "general narrative timeline (with some significant overlap)" (p.
Flory performs a truly heroic deed in breaking out to courageously cross the river to the point where the police force is stationed and alerting them to the danger.
When we reached the house, Flory asked, "How do I look?"
| Clockwise from left, Lorraine Flory with Caitlin Flory, ten, in her Hetty Feather costume; youngsters and their dads on stage with presenters Sam and Mark; and the crowds at the event in Centenary Square, Birmingham
Keywords: Flory Radius, Polymeric Dispersions, De Gennes Theory, Grafting Density, Blobs Theory.
Flory was born in 1970 and grew up in the same part of the country he lives in today: the Coeur d'Alene River Basin of northern Idaho.
In contrast, Flory as a cynic naturally concentrates on the negative effects of the European invasion--disease and exploitation--but admits the possibility of a modernising and civilising influence (40-41).
Annual TDA accounts show Mr Flory received a salary worth PS205,000 to PS210,000 plus pension benefits.
He added: "Legislation before MPs aims to cap all public sector pay-offs at PS95,000 before Christmas - David Flory's pay-off is four times that amount.
"While Covered California staff has been working to improve its staffing and systems, all too often, considerable effort is required to resolve individual consumer problems," Flory writes.
Flory to its board of directors, as well as to the board of directors of its principal subsidiary, Fauquier Bank.
Arron Flory also scored the first goal against the league leaders this season in a team performance which was a credit to the league.
He learned about the program and the scholarship through Sue Flory, owner of Burkhardt PRO Hardware, and immediately knew he was interested in applying.
But unlike a conventional princess, she was raised by a hearing and speechimpaired mother and a doting grandmother she lovingly calls Mama Flory. Life was simple and quiet, but Julia wanted a better life for herself and, more importantly, her family.
Co-owner Rob Flory said the rest of the owners are "extremely happy" Eberle is staying with the winery.