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Synonyms for florist

someone who grows and deals in flowers

a shop where flowers and ornamental plants are sold

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In a sudden revulsion of mood, and almost without knowing what he did, he signed to the florist to lay the roses in another long box, and slipped his card into a second envelope, on which he wrote the name of the Countess Olenska; then, just as he was turning away, he drew the card out again, and left the empty envelope on the box.
With this idea he hastened to the florist's and purchased a bouquet that was still gemmed with the morning dew-drops.
Nexus, said with FTD, it sees strong long-term potential in the company's brand, digital platform, and global network of over 30,000 florists across more than 125 countries.
Nexus said is sees strong long-term potential in FTD's brand, digital platform, and global network of over 30,000 florists across more than 125 countries.
Rutigliano discovered how detached florists and consumers were from where their flowers came from and how they were grown.
Florists may also opt to mix in structural pieces like branches to make arrangements look fuller.
It " Lauren Thompson, fundraiser for the Sunshine Fund, added: "We absolutelythe love working with Helen and the team at Katherine's Florists and we love that they have done something a little bit different to support Go Bananas.
Do florists have an obligation to notify us if there is a delay in delivery?
Ben n Zaks Superfresh Florists is on the market for PS34,995 with Bolton-based specialist agency Hilton Smythe.
Last year men spent an average of PS41 on florists, compared to PS31 by women, for their loved ones.
Salt Lake City -- A new California-based startup is trying to disrupt the floral industry by giving local florists a more direct way to reach customers online.
A FAMILY-run florists has come up with a blooming brilliant way of raising awareness of breast cancer - bedecking the business with bras.
If you want to make your Valentine the envy of their work colleagues by sending a bouquet direct to the office on Friday and maybe want to surprise them at a restaurant there are a number of florists in Newcastle who are happy to play their part.
The florists shortlisted for the show were asked to create a floral fantasy gown for a crystal-themed ball.
She has now been handpicked by Interflora to join a team of five young florists from across the UK, who will each design their own section to form part of an exhibit at the prestigious show.