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The Our Lady of Guadalupe floribunda rose is a unique blend of silver and pink tones.
Q: I'm curious about what to do about the ``Iceberg'' floribunda rose.
This year, several new roses will be unveiled at the show including 'The Sobell Rose' (Lovanotion), a pink floribunda rose, introduced by Love4Plants, which has been named to raise funds for the Sobell House Hospice in Oxford.
BLOOM TIME: Varieties to consider include perception (above), floribunda rose fascination (left) and and Penny Lane (bottom)
99 p&p and the chance to purchase floribunda rose bushes for pounds 3.
Here are some of the new roses launched at this year's show to look out for: JANE AUSTEN ROSE A bright orange floribunda rose, selected by the Jane Austen's House Museum to mark the 200th anniversary of the author's death this year.
It's a floribunda rose, with large clusters of lightly fragrant pink double blooms.
This Sexy Rexy floribunda rose with its masses of pink blooms and dark green glossy leaves is yours for nothing.
The First Lady's Garden, inspired by the legendary White House Rose Garden, consists of terraced beds, each dominated by a single floribunda rose variety, 'Amber Queen', 'Angel Face', 'French Lace', 'Sun Flare', 'Simplicity', and 'Showbiz' among them.
Royal Wedding is also a floribunda rose, it has apricot flowers with a strong fragrance and blooms in flushes throughout the season.
Margaret Merril - very fragrant, floribunda rose with pearly-white blooms and dark-green glossy foliage.
The floribunda rose, named after their Cambridgeshire town, is pearly-pink with a peach centre.
A I didn't see any programme on this subject but I would imagine the plant you saw was the floribunda rose bush Golden Wedding
The common rosa Queen Elizabeth floribunda rose is available from most good nurseries and garden centres.