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English nurse remembered for her work during the Crimean War (1820-1910)

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Florence Nightingale, an Englishwoman, was the founder of modern nursing.
The service, titled 'A Commemoration Service to Honour the Life and Legacy of Edith Cavell and Florence Nightingale', was organised by the Florence Nightingale Foundation and Cavell Nurses' Trust.
Caption: How appropriate that Florence Nightingale presented the 2018 Florence Nightingale Practice Award to the daughter of AzNA member Deanne Lewis.
The date has a very strong significance, being the birthday of perhaps the world's most famous nurse, Florence Nightingale.
Mr Rathbone says: "The letter's importance is derived from the fact that Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing - The Lady with the Lamp, a Victorian icon."
In recognition of her pioneering work, the Nightingale Pledge taken by new nurses, and the Florence Nightingale Medal, the highest international distinction a nurse can achieve, were named in her honour, and International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on her birthday.
During this commemorative time of year, nurses also recognize Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) for her many years of planting and nurturing seeds of a different nature that changed nursing forever.
Advocacy began with Florence Nightingale. She changed the face of nursing from that of domestic service to that of a professional career option for women (Nightingale 1859a./1978; Nightingale, 1859b/1982).
You may or may not like or agree with Florence Nightingale, but it is obvious she has had a tremendous impact on the nursing profession.
Merch anturus oedd Betsi Cadwaladr aeth yr holl ffordd o'r Bala i Balaclava i nyrsio gyda Florence Nightingale yn y Crimea.
La Enfermeria como profesion inicio sus primeros pasos en la Europa del Siglo XIX; siendo la mujer, figura protagonista del cambio sustancial en la profesion enfermera, destacando el rol desempenado por Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) (1).
Most importantly, a comparative analysis of the performance and attitudes of nurses in Ghana with the persona, charisma, and achievements of the most celebrated nurse, Florence Nightingale, has not been fully studied.
The $800 I received from the Florence Nightingale Memorial Fund went a long way in helping with my transport costs from Gisborne and registration fees.
A 150-year-old desk lamp belonging to Florence Nightingale is up for auction.
I suggested that Florence Nightingale had helped saved thousands of lives in the Crimea.
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